Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Mini Skewers

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These basil mini skewers are a fun and easy to make healthy snack.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly!

Serves: 3


  • 12 cherry tomatoesBasil Plant
  • 12 fresh basil leaves
  • 12 mini mozzarella balls
(For the dip)
  • 50ml balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

You will also need:

  • An apron
  • A chopping board
  • A sharp knife (to use with an adult)
  • A serving dish
  • A small bowl for the dip
  • A teaspoon
  • A table spoon
  • 12 cocktail sticks


  1. Cut each tomato in half with a sharp knife.Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Mini Skewers are a fun and healthy snack on a stick for children to help make.
  2. Wash the basil leaves.
  3. Put half a piece of tomato on the end of a cocktail stick.
  4. Next put on a basil leaf, then a mozzarella ball and finally the other half of the tomato.
  5. Repeat this with the other 11 sticks.
  6. Arrange the sticks on a serving dish.
  7. If you like a sauce, mix the vinegar and oil together with a teaspoon in a small bowl to serve as a dipping sauce.
Who knew food on a stick was so tasty? Parents – If you try this recipe with your child, I’d love to hear from you. Tweet me a photo, share it on the Handy Herbs Facebook page or pin it to your recipe board! sign The Freerange Family#ToddlerApprovedTuesdayThe Mummy Toolboxethannevelyn

15 thoughts on “Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Mini Skewers

  1. Oh yum, this would make a great healthy snack whilst watching a movie on the settee also a lovely light starter for the whole family 🙂 #fabfriday

  2. Wow! Theese look fantastic! Like a little plate of Italian summer! YUM! Thankyou so much for sharing this with #busydoinglife, my girls love a salad I make with all these ingredients so these are sure to be a hit!!

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