Marigold Ice Cubes

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Marigold ice cubes are pretty and refreshing for a sunny day drink.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly!

Serves: 2


  • Water
  • Marigold flower heads (calendula officinalis - not French marigold)

You will also need:

  • An apron
  • A kettle
  • A plastic measuring jug
  • An ice tray


  1. Boil a kettle of water. (Please ask for adult help.)
  2. Let the water cool to room temperature.
  3. Pour the water into the measuring jug.
  4. Wash the flower heads (or petals) and place into each individual compartment within an ice tray.
  5. Fill each compartment half full with the water from the jug.
  6. Put the ice tray in the freezer.
  7. After the water is frozen solid, fill each ice cube compartment the rest of the way to the top with the remaining water from the jug.
  8. Freeze until ready to use!
Enjoy with fresh lemonade or with a glass of water. These are so pretty and perfect to share with your friends on a warm summer's day! :) Parents – If you try this recipe with your child, I’d love to hear from you. Tweet me a photo, share it on the Handy Herbs Facebook page or pin it to your recipe board! sign
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