Herb Kit for Kids Store

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Handy Herbs Store

Herb Kit

Herb Kit Box

There are many rewards to growing herbsLoving my herbs on the windowsill. making them a fun and perfect introduction to gardening for children. Herb Kit For Kids is an exciting way for children to learn to love growing and cooking with herbs while having fun with Charlie and his friends. Handy Herbs Herb Kit For Kids includes everything a child will need to successfully grow and develop an interest in herbs. The fun herb characters will appeal to children of all ages and help inspire them to become involved in growing and cooking.

Once the herbs have grown, they can be used in the range of child friendly recipes.

Herb Kit For Kids includes:

  • Self Watering Pot
  • 4 Compost Discs
  • 4 Packets of Seeds (Chive, Parsley, Coriander & Marigold)
  • 1 Instruction Card
  • 4 Recipe Cards
  • 4 Character Stickers
  • 4 Coloured Plant Sticks


Herb Kit Contents