Growing Cress Hair with a Toddler

Growing Cress Hair With A Toddler
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Thanks to Teddy Bears and Cardigans for this guest post on growing cress hair. It’s such a simple but fun thing to do with young children.

I love doing crafts with my grandson, Bear, and he loves them too. We especially enjoy anything that involves gardening. Bear thinks that seeds only grow flowers, and at 2 years old his attention span is short so cress is perfect. It grows quickly and within a day or two it has sprouted. Growing cress hair is fun for children of all ages.

Growing Cress Hair with a Toddler

What you will need:Ingredients For Cress Hair

An egg box

6 empty egg shells

Some cotton wool balls

Cress seeds


A willing helper

Firstly draw faces on the egg shells. We used marker pens and it doesn’t matter how handsome the faces are. The funnier the better. I love Bear’s faces.

Draw faces on the egg shells, the funnier the better!

Drawing Funny Faces

Then put the eggshells into the egg box and put Planting Cress Seedsa couple of cotton wool balls into each egg shell.

Fill the egg shells with cotton wool and dampen with water.

Sprinkle the cress seeds on top. Sowing the seeds evenly is better but even big clumpy patches grow so do not worry if toddler fingers are clumsy.

I just added a few more seeds to any that the toddler missed.

Cress that is nearly readyKeep in the day light, a windowsill is good and once the seeds sprout, water a little every day.

Within a day ours had sprouted and after 5 days they looked like hair and could be harvested.

They are fun and quick to grow!



Our cress hair person.

You can also make little people out of them with a toilet roll and a pipe cleaner.

We had fun making these and they are edible too. Just snip the hair with scissors and put into sandwiches or top a salad.

Growing Cress Hair With A Toddler

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