Children’s Herb Facts

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What is a herb?

Did you know that many flavours in your favourite recipes come from special plants called herbs?


Charlie ChivesChives bunchHello, I’m Charlie Chive.

Did you know I am a type of onion?


Bertie BasilHello, I’m Bertie Basil!Bertie Basil leaves

Bet you didn’t know I’m king of the herbs!


Hello, I’m Corina Coriander.Coriander Corina cut outZ Coriander bunch

Believe it or not, although I’m a herb, I am a member of the carrot family.


ParsleyhalfHello, I’m Pete Parsley.Parsley

Did you know that carrots and coriander are also in my family?


Rucula Rocket

Hello, I’m Rucula Rocket.

 Did you know I belong to the mustard family?


Marigold MandyMarigold CalendulaHello, I’m Mandy Marigold.

My proper name is Calendula Officinalis.



Herbs are plants that are used in cookery; most of the plants have leaves that have a tangy taste and smell. Did you know that the sauce on pizza is made from tomatoes and herbs? You can sprinkle fresh herbs on your food to add colour and taste. Herbs are bursting with flavour and yet contain many things that are good for you. Including herbs in your meals helps to keep you healthy!

Remember to take care though and NEVER eat a herb unless you are sure you know what it is.

A herb is just like any other plant. All plants have three basic needs to grow successfully:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Soil
  3. Water

Some herbs are fabulous bee friendly plants as they have nectar rich flowers. This means that they attract bees to them. This helps with pollination. Bees particularly love chives firstly due to their colour. Bees like flowers that are blue or purple. They also like the fact that chives flower early in the season.

So by planting chives in your garden you will be helping bees and helping the fruit to grow that we all love to eat!

bee on a chive            Bees cannot survive without flowers.

Why are bees important?

Bees are so important for the food chain. Bees are very useful because all bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers for food.

They pollinate many of our fruit and vegetables. If they didn’t, the plants would not produce the fruit, berries and seeds that we eat. Without bees to pollinate them, bean flowers wouldn’t grow into beans, apple flowers wouldn’t grow into apples and there wouldn’t be seeds to grow into new carrots.

A bee travels from one flower to another, transferring the pollen that sticks to the hair on their bodies in the process. This fertilizes the plant and helps the plant to produce fruit.



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