Kitchen Club Kids(R) Guest Post

Kitchen Club Kids Books

Guest Post by Kitchen Club Kids(R) Author Eluka Moore As many of you know, Handy Herbs is passionate about encouraging children to engage in growing things and using them to cook with. I believe there are so many benefits to becoming involved in these two key life skills. Recognising the impact story books can have on […]

Halloween Dips and Sticks

Halloween Dips

Here are some fun but easy to make healthy Halloween snacks to try. Find some Halloween containers to put your dips in like a small hollowed out pumpkin. To make these dips you will need: An apron A chopping board A sharp knife (to use with an adult) 2 large plastic bowl A plastic lemon […]

Books to encourage Eating & Cooking Food

End Of The Rainbow Fruit Salad

Books to engage interest in eating and cooking: One way to excite children about eating and/or cooking is to start from an existing interest. Most children love reading/sharing books. So why not spark a curiosity about food through stories? Stories may encourage children to make healthy food choices in later life. Some of these story […]

The Beauty of Dips

The Beauty of Dips.

The beauty of dips – you can dip vegetables! Children can never eat too many vegetables. They provide the vitamins and minerals needed to support overall health. Carrot batons are an obvious vegetable to dip but try to aim for a variety – the more colours the better. Dips are a great way of encouraging […]

Children’s Books

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

Books to encourage growing food: One way to excite children about cooking and/or growing things is to start from an existing interest. So why not inspire the natural desire in children to grow and taste food? Share the joy of growing food and the pleasure of trying something new together. Many children love story books […]