3 Fun Snacks to Cook with Children at Easter

Fun Easter savoury snacks for children.
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Cooking with children

If you read my posts regularly, you will know that I believe that helping children to learn to cook is key to helping them have a healthier life style as adults. It also helps them develop a whole range of other skills. Cooking with children can help prevent them from limiting their skills, tastes and also what they eat.

Eggs at Easter

Easter seems a good time to get the children practising their kitchen skills. It can help to keep them amused during the holiday period and it is a great way to spend time together having fun and creating memories.

It was traditional to use up all of the household’s eggs before Lent began, which established the tradition of Pancake Day. It was during Easter that the consumption of eggs resumed after fasting for 40 days when eggs were not supposed to be eaten. Eggs then became a main feature of Easter meals and a prized Easter gift for children. This is probably the reason why eggs came to be associated with Easter. Also,in Christian times, the egg was a symbol of new life just as a chick might hatch from the egg. It is often also associated with the arrival of Spring.

Easter Snacks for children that are fun but healthy.

Using eggs for snacks at Easter

So as one of the symbols of Easter is the egg, as well as indulging in chocolate versions I thought we would make some fun snacks using eggs. Of course, there are so many ways to present egg as well as including it as an ingredient.

Eggs are high in protein and full of nutrients, including Vitamin D and very easy to cook with so they are the perfect ingredient to use when cooking with and for children. Eggs are also a vital part of cooking and baking.

Be brave with giving your child freedom and encouragement to learn to crack eggs (even if it goes all over the table!).

Egg snacks

Cut out an Easter shape in toast and fill with your child’s favourite way to eat an egg.

Herbs and Egg in Toast –Herbs and Egg in Toast is a healthy, fun Easter Snack for children.

  1. Toast a slice of bread and use a rabbit (or other Easter) shaped cutter to cut out the shape in the bread.
  2. Place cutter in a frying pan and fry an egg inside of it.
  3. Garnish using fresh chives for the grass and a small piece of parsley for the tail.     Fun Easter egg chicks for children. Pretty simple to make :)



Easter Egg Chicks



If your child doesn’t like or is allergic to egg you could do something like this:

Cheese and Chive Snack –
Fun Cheese & Chive Easter Snack.

  1. Simply toast some bread and cut out your desired shape, I’ve used an egg shape.
  2. Cover in soft cheese.
  3. Decorate to suit. I have used chives, carrot, grapes and coriander seeds.



Would your child enjoy these Easter snacks?


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36 thoughts on “3 Fun Snacks to Cook with Children at Easter

  1. Hi Sara,

    Those are such cute snacks! This weekend, I will try to make the egg chicks for my nieces and nephews. I bet they are going to love them. Thank you for these amazing ideas!


  2. These look delicious! I need to try the toast and egg tomorrow morning. We have various Easter cookie cutters, so this would make some great Easter themed breakfast options. Thanks so much for linking up to #HowtoSunday 🙂 x

  3. Annoyingly, A won’t eat egg but I’d love to try some of these and see if I could coax him. Fab ideas post. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  4. These are fab 🙂 such good ideas I am sure lots of parents will use them.

    We can’t use any of them unfortunately as Monkey is allergic to eggs but I am hoping in May we may get the all clear or at least find out if its the white or the yolk and then we can!! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week.

  5. These look so awesome! And yummy too. I wish I was brave enough to cook with the girls but I can’t stand the mess.

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